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Mission & Vision

We deliver unique worksocial capabilities by combining our proven expertise in improving how work gets done with our industry-leading innovations in social collaboration, enterprise mobility and portable on-premise/cloud computing.

At RyHill, we are committed to delivering the best customer experience to our clients through innovative technology and outstanding service. We are growing tall with a vibrant and growing community of customers and partners across multiple industries and geographies. With a seasoned management team of industry veterans and a comprehensive implementation methodology, we can ensure the success of your BPM initiatives.

How we work

We break down silos to make your processes transparent, manageable and agile. We help you to collaborate for true end-to-end process improvement, guided by strong process governance.The results are tangible: Lower costs, better quality, higher throughput, faster reaction times and proactive error correction.

We embrace the Middle-Out design paradigm where business and IT collaboratively define the backbone of a solution: the business process. The next step is to connect systems and people to this process and turn the specification into a fully working solution.

Our Process

We elevate the process and business logic through model driven design to a higher level.This approach minimizes the risk of misinterpretation of requirements, review intermediate results and enables organizations to improve their processes through very short, business driven optimization cycles.

We have expertise in deploying the applications in the cloud, private or public as the underlying platform has full multi-tenant support. It also allows organizations to start modeling and design in the cloud and implement the solution on premise.

Service Offerings

RyHill offers end-to-end solutions across the process framework, supporting strategy and implementation. RyHill provides value addition through a blend of Business, Strategy, Processes, and Technologies. With our focus on building robust, and efficient KPI-based customer-centric processes, we ensure an improved and uniform customer experience. We facilitate innovation and continuous process improvement through our BPM Solution which is based on the strong foundation of Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard practices.

At RyHill, business improvement methodology follows our own methodology which commences with requirement definition, has provision for performance measurement and analyze and finally brings improvement and control through minimum iterative cycles.